Full Solar eclipse in Second Life and HiPiHi China, 1 August 2008

[Second Life Comics: Romantic Moonlight flight in China's Second Life HiPiHi]
Travel to Xinjiang Province, Northwestern China to watch the full solar eclipse with your best friends, or login to Second Life and watch it via San Francisco's Exploratorium science museum streaming video.
The 45-minute Second Life webcast, will start at 3:30 a.m. PDT August 1, on the Exploratorium SL Island. Avatars can also gather at the Pi Day Theater at the Sploland Sim, at the Science School Sim, and at the Spindrift Sim. The eclipse will be accompanied by video and commentary of Exploratorium and NASA scientists. Starting yesterday, Second Life members can use Exploratorium Island to learn about solar eclipses, Chinese culture, and solar science.

Source: Holly Jackson News Blog @ .cnet.com
More about my research on using non-immersive virtual reality technology for the learning of complex astronomical concepts here:

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[On-line] available at:

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