First take Google Goggles then Why should we learn through Virtual Worlds and Video Games

Why should we learn through Virtual Worlds and video games? Learning from the real world is no less trilling.
This question was posed by a fellow university lecturer on facebook, following my presentation this week on Virtual Worlds, Second Life, Open Sim and Video Games for teaching and learning in the Israeli Education System at the Mofet Institute ICT Forum. My presentation summarized a long year workshop for academic educators and decision makers, in which the participents made a learning journey with avatar. I introduced two exciting followup projects currently under development within Second Life at Kibbutzim College of education for Israeli educators and students.

I got more than one answer to that question, but as a starter I would like you to answer a very simple pne: What makes the  "Real World" around you? 

Here's my own 2 cents:
"First we take Google Goggles, then we take the world" .
Google Mobile App for iPhone Goggles and other mash-up apps likes, are go׳na rock the world and change the way we interact with objects in the real world, the way we learn and teach, do business and live.

Here's my fav Leonard Cohen's song for the Soul

Enjoy your Real Life - Metaverse Journey. Feel free to stop by and share your 2 cents with us here. Game On !

Make Real Sense of Virtual Worlds and Video Games for Biz and Education

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