Gamification future trend: Watch YouTube Play Live @Guggenheim Museum Now

Today I watched a few of the 23,000 (WoW) videos accepted for the Biennial of Creative Video on YouTube Play Live @ Guggenheim Museum, NY. Yes bro, Guggenheim Museum!!!
On top of the amazing creativity and numbers it made me very optimistic about the future of using game based marketing and game based learning.
only few years back you could not even imagine holding a serious art exhibition of YouTube videos which represent the crowd wisdom in museums. Likewise, game based learning and marketing, including virtual worlds such as Second Life did not enter the main stream despite enormous efforts by leading companies.

Now social networks such as Facebook and foursquare , Apple app store iPhone games and augmented reality games are changing the landscape, fostering the acceptance of games by the masses including businesses leaders, which come to see the added value of Gamification

Wondering what is Gamification? Well, the well known term to describe the above was "Serious Games". I invite you to explore the new Wikipedia definition

I define Gamification as the "Art and Science of using game play mechanics, interactive technologies and creative marketing to engage* your clients and workers in an innovative, fun and surprising ways for boosting your business branding and revenues". 

There is no doubt in my mind that the future is going to be challenging & engaging #julooting!
I invite you to share your ideas and add your definition of Gamification here.

Here's one of my fav songs for the soul by No Doubt  - It's my life

* BTW 
till now I didn't came up with a parallel Hebrew term for engaging, and now this Gamification thing. Man, life is hard.

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