Association of Virtual Worlds’ First "totally Virtual" Conference CoNeE announced | הכנס הראשון של איגוד העולמות הוירטואליים העולמי

Serving on the Association of Virtual Worlds (AVW) Advisory Board, I’m trilled to share with you the latest news: The Association of Virtual Worlds announces its first “totally virtual” conference to be held February 20 through 26, 2009. The Conference, Networking and Expo, affectionately dubbed “CoNeE” will offer a full seven days of events, exhibits and networking without the cost of travel or hotels and with less wear and tear on both the stress levels of attendees and the environment. The conference will take place in the Association’s newly created closed beta 3D virtual environment.

“It is the natural progression for this vibrant organization that is a magnet for the best and the brightest in the virtual worlds and web 3D industry,” says Founder, Edita Kaye.

David Elchoness, Executive Director, explains the enormous value of a virtual conference. “We have put together this list of the benefits of our approach, but of all the things we do, we are the most proud of breaking the classic conference time barrier, of being able to save our members and exhibitors those two precious commodities–money and time–while helping to save the planet.”

10 Benefits of AVW’s CoNeE:

1. Open 24/7 around the clock and around the world–forget 9 to 5
2. Multilingual meetings with international industry representatives
3. Global attendance, sponsors, speakers, networking
4. Unlimited passes for clients, prospects, staff teams
5. Unrestricted networking opportunities
6. Dedicated showcase and product demonstrations gallery
7. All attendees, speakers, media, enter through exhibit halls
8. Offers significant savings by eliminating all travel and travel-related expenses
9. Rested and energized avatars, rather than stressed and exhausted delegates
10. “Green” conference–reduce the carbon footprint–and do something good for the world

In just six months the AVW attracted over 2,370 members, established a publishing division, launched the closed beta for its virtual headquarters using cutting edge, and highly accessible, web3D technology,was first to create Virtual Worlds Day (August 20), the Virtual Person of the Year Award, a powerful network of Global Ambassadors and attracted some of the industry’s most respected and influential leaders to its Advisory Board.

To learn about sponsorship and marketing opportunities at CoNeE, or to learn more out the Association of Virtual Worlds please visit:

AVW’s CoNeE 2009 Call for Speakers

As a community organization, AVW invite members to submit a panel, lecture, or presentation proposal for consideration. Although the AWV cannot accept all submissions, it will strive to review them all thoroughly and choose those that the AVW believe best reflect the memberships' interests as a global organization seeking to advance virtual worlds.

Please send in your submission in the following subject areas by October 1, 2008.

  • Business & Marketing of Virtual Worlds
  • Security, Property & Standards
  • Virtual Worlds Around the Real World
  • Technology of the Virtual World
  • Learning and Working in Virtual Worlds
  • What the Future Holds for Virtual Worlds

As part of your submission, kindly include the following:

  • A brief description of your proposed presentation;
  • Whether the presentation will run 60 or 90 minutes;
  • Whether the proposal is for a panel, lecture, or some other form of presentation;
  • A listing of any proposed panelists or participants (no more than four in total); and
  • Complete details concerning your qualifications (and those of all other panelists) to present on the subject including name(s), company(ies) or other affiliation(s), email address(es), and physical address(es), and curriculum vitae, resume, or other background information.

AVW Mission Statement

The Association of Virtual Worlds believes that virtual worlds represent a major information and technological revolution in how we work, play and live. The Association mission is to serve those companies and individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of this multi-billion dollar global industry and reach out to those who have not yet found virtual worlds.

AVW Goals

  1. To create a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the industry
  2. To assist in the development of industry procedures and standards
  3. To promote the virtual worlds industry, its interest and developments
  4. To educate on the benefits of virtual worlds to enhance work and play
  5. To offer business and social networking opportunities

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