‏הצגת רשומות עם תוויות Learning. הצג את כל הרשומות
‏הצגת רשומות עם תוויות Learning. הצג את כל הרשומות

Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit to present at the Learn, Teach and Play in 3D Virtual Worlds Virtual Seminar in Second Life

City University London, Oxford University and King’s College in London are organizing a virtual seminar entitled: Learn, Teach and Play in 3D Virtual Worlds, sponsored by JISC EMERGE

The virtual seminar is open for teachers, students, educational technologists, researchers, and anyone interested in 3D virtual worlds and games.

Dr. Elhanan Gazit Ph.D. (aka @VRider) presentation entitled:

Start your Engines! Real - Virtual Worlds Engaging Interactions

Massively Multiplayer On-line Games (MMOGs), social networked, and three-dimensional virtual worlds (3D), are merging to form the Web3D, known as the Metaverse. This presentation will focus on real - virtual worlds engaging learning interactions by using video games. Several Mash-up and video games concepts developed based on game engines and social networks such as facebook, at the Instructional System Technologies Department at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology will be presented together with H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology second life's presence plans and coming SLACTIONS 2009 conference call.

Speaker Bio sketch

Dr. Elhanan Gazit is a faculty member of the instructional Systems Technologies department, at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology were he teaches on games and virtual worlds, interactive environments and knowledge representations. Hanan is the CEO of MetaverSense Ltd., an Israeli based company leading the use of virtual worlds, digital Games and social networks for instruction and business. Hanan holds a Ph.D. degree in the Learning Sciences and a Magna Cum Laude M.A. degree in Science Education, both from Tel-Aviv University. Hanan is a former post doctorate fellow researcher at LIRT Lab, Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, University of Haifa. Hanan serves on the Association of Virtual Worlds' Advisory Board, on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations. He founded the Digital Games Research Association [DiGRA] ISRAEL Chapter.

Time and place

The virtual seminar (7am SL time; 2pm UK time, Tuesday 17 March 2009) will take place at the Open Habitat Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Open%20Habitat/31/162/23

In addition, a physical seminar (at City University) will take place a day before the face to face event and everyone is welcome. Further information of the physical event can be found here: http://learnteachandplay.eventbrite.com/

If you have further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Ulrike Pfeil (U.Pfeil-1@city.ac.uk)

The organizing team:

Jim Ang, City University London

Panayiotis Zapihris, City University London

David White, Oxford University

Steven Warburton, King’s College

Palitha Edirisingha, University of Leicester

חוויות למידה חדשות בתוך עולמות וירטואליים תלת מימד במו ידיך! מצגת בכנס מופ"ת

חוויות למידה חדשות בתוך עולמות וירטואליים במו ידיך!
איך עולמות וירטואליים תלת ממדיים כמו סקנד לייף מאפשרים לך ליצור חוויות למידה חדשות ומרתקות במו ידך .

מצגת של ד"ר חנן גזית, מנכ"ל מטאוורסנס בע"מ בכנס מורים, תלמידים ועולמות וירטואליים במכון מופ"ת, 21 לינואר 2009 .

חברת מטאוורסנס בע"מ נותנת החסות הראשית לכנס.


Dr. Hanan Gazit, MetaverSense Ltd CEO presentation: New Learning Experiences in 3D Virtual Worlds: Second Life in your hands! at the "Teachers, Learners and Virtual Worlds" Israeli Education Conference at MOFET Institute, 21 of Jan 2009.

MetaverSense Ltd Conference Sponsor.

Living La Vida Ludic | Barry Joseph's lecture @ SLEDcc08

I had the pleasure and joy of attending Barry Joseph's keynote at the SLEDcc 2008 Second Life educator's convention entitled:

"Why Second Life Can't Tip: The Power and Perils of Living La Vida Ludic"

Barry introduced the term he coined, "the ludic life," and discuss its implications for Second Life and learning. Elaborating Eric Zimmerman's argument that we have entered "a ludic century", meaning that we are now interacting with information in a ludic way. The ludic way, according to Zimmerman is not to say everything is becoming a game but rather game/play dynamics, aesthetics and sensibilities will increasingly define our social interactions. Barry argues that Second Life is a better example and, more importantly, the way in which Second Life allows users to combine their real life identities and practices within a ludic context not only makes it a powerful space for teaching people how to live a ludic life, but it also becomes the key defining characteristic of the Second Life experience.

It is highly recommended to go to www.rezed.org/group/ludiclife
to watch the powerpoint while listening to the presentation audio or watching the video.

my two cents:
Lessons from my research on digital games interactions among children and teenagers: Living the ludic life is very compelling and at the same time, very complex and challenging from many perspectives.
link: http://www.vrider.net/2008/07/handbook-of-research-on-effective.html

Ever wondered about who plays? how much he plays and why? interesting empirical based answers by Dmitri Williams and friends now published on terra nova blog is a must.
link: http://terranova.blogs.com/terra_nova/2008/09/who-plays-how-m.html

Click for the full text paper here, at the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, with no access restrictions.


Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit

Immune Attack | מלחמה בעולם עויין מסוג אחר

אם יזריקו חלבון של חלב פרה לדמו של אדם, איך תפעל המערכת החיסונית שלו?
· תייצר נגדו נוגדנים משום שהוא חלבון זר
· לא תייצר נגדו נוגדנים, משום שהחלבון יפורק במערכת העיכול
· לא תייצר נגדו חלבונים, משום שבדם האדם ישנם חלבונים דומים לחלבון החלב
· לא תייצר נגדו נוגדנים, משום שהחלב הוא חלק ממזונו הרגיל של האדם.

מתלבטים? לא יודעים מהי התשובה הנכונה?

יעל צורן טוענת במאמרה
מי מחוסן מתחרות ? שתורת החיסון [אימונולוגיה] היא אחד מהענפים הצעירים בביולוגיה ומשום כך לא מייחדים לה את המקום הראוי לה בספרי הוראת הביולוגיה.

רוצים ללמוד על תכונותיה והדינמיקה של פעולת מערכת החיסון המופלאה באופן חוויתי? רוצים ללמוד על ננו-רובוטים וננו-רפואה . מדע בדיוני או מציאות?

רוצים להיכנס אל תוך גוף האדם, יותר מזה, אל תוך התא ולהלחם בעצמכם בפולשים הזרים באמצעות ננו-רובוטים חכמים. איך בדיוק?

שחקו במשחק המחשב החדש Immune Attack שפותח על ידי הפדרציה של המדענים בארה"ב FAS עבור תלמידי תיכון וסטודנטים. באתר המשחק תמצאו מערכי שיעור, דרכי ההערכה ועוד.

גרסת הבטא של המשחק ניתן להורדה כעת כאן בחינם


הכותב, ד"ר חנן גזית עומד בראש MetaverSense הפועלת בעולמות וירטואליים ומשחקים דיגיטאליים ומתמחה בייעוץ, הדרכה ופיתוח פרויקטים לקהל לקוחותיה: משקיעים ויזמים, חברות, מוסדות וארגונים במגזר הפרטי והציבורי. ד"ר גזית הינו יועץ לאיגוד העולמות הוירטואליים העולמי AVW ומייסד די.ג.ר.ה ישראל- המרכז הישראלי של הארגון הבינלאומי לחקר משחקים דיגיטאליים. חבר מערכת כתב העת הבינלאומי למשחקים וסימולציות נתמכות מחשב. חוקר ומרצה ב H.I.T - מכון טכנולוגי חולון.

Leadership in Serious Gaming symposium @ Second Life IBM Business Center

Serious Games is a very serious business
The Utrecht University and IBM organize a symposium, hosted by Eduverse, on ‘The Play Element of Learning Leadership’ today in De Balie in Amsterdam, 24, June.

The results of research on 'The Play Element of Learning Leadership', apartnership between Utrecht University and IBM, will be presented andseveral international guest speakers add to the discussion. Guest speakers, live and virtual, will add their views to the discussion. Besides in person, the event can be attended inworld, as it will be broadcast live in Second Life.
Students from the MA programs New Media & Digital Culture and Game & Media Technology (Utrecht University) present their findings on leadership in online games such as EVE Online and World of Warcraft. The startingpoint for their research are studies done by Seriosity and IBM, which can be found here.
When: 19:00-23:00 Central European Time.
Were in Second Life (SL):
The whole symposium can be followed live in:
Second Life @ the IBM Business Center
Virtual Holland
The symposium is open for all to attend.
I wish to thank Dr. Benjamin Cohen @ IBM Haifa Research Lab & David van Gent (aka Davidovic Dean) @ IBM Netherlands for the info & invitation.

ViMentors Academic: Web3D for Higher Education Workshop

Dr. Hanan "Vrider" Gazit, ViMentors.com CEO to mentor and deliver a workshop: Using Web3D for Higher Education at MEITAL the Inter-University Center for e-Learning (IUCEL), which is part of the Israeli Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC), located at Tel-Aviv University.
MEITAL assists Israeli institutions of higher education, universities and academic colleges in advancing the use of e-learning technologies and creates opportunities for institutional connections and collaboration among academic institutes in Israel.

Main Goal:
The workshop will focus on using virtual worlds such as Second Life for meaningful instruction and learning.

Israeli Universities and academic colleges' instructional designers' staff.

When: 10th of September 2008.
Were: Open University, Ramat-Aviv, Israel.

Personal note:
I regard the workshop as an important step for creating Israeli Academic institutes presence in Second Life and other relevant virtual worlds for meaningful instruction and learning.
==== ==== ==== ====
Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit serves as the Israeli Games Research Association (DiGRA) Chapter. A researcher & lecturer at the Instructional Systems Department at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology. Entrepreneur, owner of a start-up company specializing in delivering services for Israeli investors, companies and organizations interested in using virtual worlds and video games for business, marketing & instruction. His research interests include: Analyzing virtual worlds and video games interactions; Designing effective serious games; Skills acquisition and virtual-real world transfer and New Media. He holds a Ph.D. degree in the Learning Sciences and a Magna Cum Laude M.A. degree in Science Education, both from Tel-Aviv University. A former post doctorate fellow researcher at the Virtual Reality Lab, Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, University of Haifa. Dr. Gazit serves on the Association of Virtual Worlds` Advisory Board and on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations.

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