Leadership in Serious Gaming symposium @ Second Life IBM Business Center

Serious Games is a very serious business
The Utrecht University and IBM organize a symposium, hosted by Eduverse, on ‘The Play Element of Learning Leadership’ today in De Balie in Amsterdam, 24, June.

The results of research on 'The Play Element of Learning Leadership', apartnership between Utrecht University and IBM, will be presented andseveral international guest speakers add to the discussion. Guest speakers, live and virtual, will add their views to the discussion. Besides in person, the event can be attended inworld, as it will be broadcast live in Second Life.
Students from the MA programs New Media & Digital Culture and Game & Media Technology (Utrecht University) present their findings on leadership in online games such as EVE Online and World of Warcraft. The startingpoint for their research are studies done by Seriosity and IBM, which can be found here.
When: 19:00-23:00 Central European Time.
Were in Second Life (SL):
The whole symposium can be followed live in:
Second Life @ the IBM Business Center
Virtual Holland
The symposium is open for all to attend.
I wish to thank Dr. Benjamin Cohen @ IBM Haifa Research Lab & David van Gent (aka Davidovic Dean) @ IBM Netherlands for the info & invitation.

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