Israeli Group on Association of Virtual Worlds Announced

Dr. Hanan "Vrider" Gazit is delighted to announce the Israeli Group he formed on Association of Virtual Worlds . The Group will serve as a focal point for all Israelis which are interested to meet & mix (reality with virtual !-), learn and discuss business, technological and educational aspects of virtual worlds and to share their work/experiences.

About the Association of Virtual Worlds Mission Statement
The Association of Virtual Worlds is where virtual worlds, games, social networks, and those who wish to explore the technology, come together. The Association of Virtual Worlds believes that virtual worlds represent a major information and technological revolution in how we work, play and live. The Association mission is to serve those companies and individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of this multi-billion dollar global industry and reach out to those who have not yet found virtual worlds.

The Association of Virtual Worlds in Numbers, 22 of June 2008:

2112 members
2104 photos
152 videos
264 discussions
49 events
252 blog posts
Come Join- Play-Work-Enjoy and Make a real mark in the Virtual Worlds!
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Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit serves as the Israeli Games Research Association (DiGRA) Chapter. A researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur. Owner of a start-up company specializing in delivering services for Israeli investors, companies and organizations interested in using virtual worlds and video games for business, marketing & instruction. His research interests include: Analyzing virtual worlds and video games interactions; Designing effective serious games; Skills acquisition and virtual-real world transfer and New Media. He holds a Ph.D. degree in the Learning Sciences and a Magna Cum Laude M.A. degree in Science Education, both from Tel-Aviv University. A former post doctorate fellow researcher at the Virtual Reality Lab, Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, University of Haifa. Dr. Gazit serves on the Association of Virtual Worlds` Advisory Board and on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations.

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