Israeli Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group (SIG) and Forum in the Air!

I’m pleased to see that Virtual Worlds are getting more and more attention from the Israeli Academia and business community:

ISOC-IL's IVWF - Israeli Virtual Worlds Forum @ IBM, 275th of Oct. Today!

The IVWF will meet to discuss innovative virtual interfaces such the Wii and GameAir by GravitX.

Serving on GravitX Advisory Board, I had the pleasure of working out and testing GameAir with young children and adults.

Here's a brief elaboration from Gravitx website:

GravitX is an Israeli based Exergaming company, founded by Yoav Lerner and Gal Shvebish in November, 2007.

GravitX specializes in developing PC/Console-based active game technologies that deliver "full-motion" participation in video games. The Company is currently developing a revolutionary, Full Motion, Man-Machine Interface Controller, called GameAir. GameAir provides gamers and exercisers with a whole new experience in interactive gaming. It's "Plug & Play" design is compatible with many popular game titles and requires no additional accessories. GameAir allows users to play popular game titles on a PC or game consoles and uses the player’s own physical motion to operate the game, allowing the user to feel the excitement and competitive challenge within the game. [Watch video above].

Get in shape with GameAir!

IMVFOrganizers: Dr. Yesha Sivan and Mr. Gur Shomron

Time: 17:00- 20:00

Place: IBM Israel, Petach-Tikva


Launch of the Israeli Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group (SIG) @ IDC

Keynote speaker: Prof. Mel Slater of Virtual Reality in University College London.

Organizers: Dr. Doron Friedman, Sammy Ofer School of Communications, IDC, Herzliya, and Dr. Benny Cohen, IBM Haifa Research Labs

When: Next week, Nov 6th

Time: 17:30 – 19:30

Place: IDC, Herzliya

Room: CB07, Sammy Ofer building

The SIG will meet once every few weeks/months, alternatively hosted by IBM and IDC. By virtual worlds we are referring to online massive multi-user virtual environments, such as, but not limited to, Second Life. Topics include all academics aspects of virtual worlds, ranging from psychology, sociology, and technology, and may also include discussion of business opportunities. Details will be discussed in this first meeting.


17:30 opening remarks from organizers

17:45 A talk by Mel Slater | Topic to be announced

Prof. Mel Slater Heads the Virtual Reality in University College London, an ICREA fellow in Barcelona, Spain, and holds several national and European grants, including the European Senior ERC grant. Mel Slater received the IEEE Virtual Reality Career Award in 2005.

18:30 "Just a Second, Life", a movie by Miri Segal

19:00 Discussion with audience regarding goals and agenda for the SIG

19:15 Refreshments

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