Click H.I.T Game! World Usability Day in Israel

Click H.I.T! is a digital camera-phone web based team usability scavenger hunt, created and played for celebrating WUD 2006 will be played during the World Usability Day (WUD) 2008!
It will be a part of my academic course: “Virtual Worlds and Video Games for learning” at the Instructional Systems Technologies Department, H.I.T- Holon Institute of Technology, Israel.

Game Goals:
Your team has to take as many digital pictures as possible, which best represent something USABLE or NOT USABLE by using a digital cam / a mobile phone.

Pictures definition:
The best representations of real world/ virtual world usability-fun artifacts, product, or experiences, upload to mycels. Attach to each picture a TAG, and a short and clear explanation, describing the usability-fun aspects which made your team Click H.I.T!

The scoring method is a combination of the total number of pictures uploaded by your team, the time in which the pictures were uploaded, the quality of the team’s explanations attached to each picture, and the usability experts panel and counter-teams scoring and voting results.

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