METANOMICS's Second Life Monday: Electric Sheep Company Event

pic: June 23, 2008 Metanomics EventJune 23, taken by rikomatic

Electric Sheep Company CEO Sibley Verbeck will talk about the fortunes of ESC after Second Life, and the future of Webflock, which hosts the new virtual presence of the Showtime series ‘The L Word’ in January, 2009.
The Electric Sheep Company is one of the premier content creators in Second Life. The Electric Sheep Company creates Web-enabled social and virtual world experiences through strategy, design, production, and technology.

Second Life METANOMIS MONDAY EVENT, 24 Nov 2008:
Start: 12:00 [noon] SL time [GMT -8]. Israel local time 22:00. [GMT+2]
End: 13:00 SL time [GMT-8]. Israel local time 23:00. [GMT+2]

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About Metanomics
Metanomics is a weekly event featuring guests who discuss topics related to business and policy in virtual worlds. We have produced more than 50 hour-long programs which may be viewed in our archives.
The term Metanomics was coined in 2007 to describe the study of economics and policy in the "metaverse" of online virtual worlds. Today, Metanomics defines not only our sphere of interest, but also the growing group of people who are interested in Metanomics, and how we communicate these innovative concepts.

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