Dr. Hanan Gazit to present at VWBPE'09

I have the pleasure of attending and presenting at the Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education 2009 Conference (VWBPE). The three days conference is a great opportunity to join, learn and share ideas about the current state and future of education in virtual worlds, the metaverse, and Second Life in particular.

My presentation on Sunday, 09:30AM [SL time] entitled: Start your Engines! Real-Virtual Worlds Engaging Interactions will focus on real - virtual worlds engaging learning interactions by using video games. Several Mash-up and video games concepts developed based on game engines and social networks developed at the Instructional System Technologies Department at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology will be presented.

Lessons from my Games4Girls Academy Project at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology will be shown together with the coming SLACTIONS 2009 conference second call.

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