A Virtual Journey to the History of Ancient Egypt at Dynasty Museum Second Life with Jachmes Masala

I took a virtual guided tour to the History of Ancient Egypt at Dynasty Museum Second Life with Dr. Heike Wilde (aka Jachmes Masala). I would like to share with you the fascinating interaction experience.

The global economic crisis reach Second Life too. The amazing Ancient Egypt Dynasty Museum in Second Life is in danger of closing down in July 2009. We would appreciate your support to keep it active. We encourage you to come and pay a visit, tot take a guided tour with Dr. Heike Wilde (aka Jachmes Masala) and contribute to its survival and development by making a donation.

You will get a chance to visit Today, Sunday April 26, at 08:30 Second Life time. Jachmes Masala will give a virtual guided tour at the Dynasty Museum through the Temple of Medinet Habu ( Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III). click to visit the Skybox Museum [850m above the SL Virtual Earth]:


--- login to Second Life ---

[12:19] Vrider Dancer: hi

[12:20] Jachmes Masala: we just talked a bout the Rosetta stone a short while

[12:20] Jachmes Masala: but now we want to turn to the dawn of History of Ancient Egypt

[12:20] Alexx McLaglen: wb!

[12:20] Vrider Dancer: What r you holding in your hands?

[12:20] Jachmes Masala: I just don't want forget to mention...

[12:20] Alexx McLaglen: I've been reading about the history of archeology on Ancient Egypt, focusing on the 19th

[12:20] Jachmes Masala: nothing special

[12:21] Jachmes Masala: ah, just a typing animation

[12:21] Alexx McLaglen: lovely

[12:21] Vrider Dancer: Alexx I see u as a cloud !-)

[12:22] Jachmes Masala: only as a cloud :)

[12:22] Alexx McLaglen: A nice cloud, I hope!

[12:22] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[12:22] Jachmes Masala: but I could wear a papyrus for that, too :)

[12:22] Jachmes Masala: now I am writing on Papyrus :)

[12:23] Jachmes Masala: oh dear

[12:23] Jachmes Masala: -> LOL <-

[12:23] Jachmes Masala: with his main sites and Ancient Cities the subdivision of Upper and lower Egypt that theme is a topic in Ancient Egyptian History

[12:23] Alexx McLaglen: the 2 crows and the double one

[12:24] Jachmes Masala: yes, exactly. The Egyptian themselves believed or recorded. that there has been a Kingdom in the Delta and another one in South Egypt, around the Hierakonpolis Area up to Abydos in both parts of this land have been found burials or sites of the early period of Ancient Egypt's History but only in Hierakonplois and Abydos.

[12:25] Alexx McLaglen: nods

[12:25] Jachmes Masala: have been found Temples and Elite Tombs of that Period in the Delta is a famous mystic city called Buto. Where the records talk about an early kingdom

[12:26] Alexx McLaglen: I'm Spanish

[12:26] Jachmes Masala: we can use SL-Voice, if you like

[12:27] Jachmes Masala: its up to you both, if you like to hear the tour in Voice.

[12:27] Alexx McLaglen: whatever you want. I could practice!

[12:27] Jachmes Masala: or via typed Chat

[12:27] Vrider Dancer: okey

[12:31] Alexx McLaglen: I can hear you well

[12:32] Alexx McLaglen: lost the voice...

[12:33] Vrider Dancer: there are over 100 museums in SL

[12:33] Vrider Dancer: yours is impressive

[12:34] Jachmes Masala: my server is slowly working

[12:35] Alexx McLaglen: I notice it!

[12:35] Vrider Dancer: BTW submitted a paper for SLACTIONS 2009 Call for papers here http://www.vrider.net/2009/03/jvwr-call-for-papers-metaverse.html

[12:36] Jachmes Masala: yes, I would like

[12:37] Jachmes Masala: ok, next time we use Skype :)

[12:37] Vrider Dancer: sure

[12:37] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[12:38] Alexx McLaglen: I'm with Mr Dancer. That's a great work. I've been coming for long, and each time I found something new and impressive

[12:38] Jachmes Masala: and did different kinds of Museums work, so I could bring some knowledge about exhibiting in SL, too.

[12:40] Vrider Dancer: let's continue with the journey. What r you showing us now

[12:42] Jachmes Masala: I have shown you statue of the prehistoric era, but then I noticed that his box is missing, were it used to stand on.

[12:43] Jachmes Masala: what I wanted to explain in this section is the Period of Prehistory and Early history of Ancient Egypt

[12:43] Jachmes Masala: I mentioned the Upper- and lower Egypt Problem

[12:43] Alexx McLaglen: yes

[12:43] Jachmes Masala: and the pots on my left side

[12:43] Vrider Dancer: yes

[12:43] Jachmes Masala: and the south

[12:44] Jachmes Masala: the examples of the pots with ornaments with pictures

are examples from South Egypt (Upper Egypt), are all from the so- called Naqada Period.

[12:44] Alexx McLaglen nods

[12:44] Vrider Dancer: what is ornaments? they look real.

[12:44] Jachmes Masala: from Upper Egypt that seems to be the culture from there the Elite formed up. We have some spirals for instance but we have real pictures, pictographic too with whole scenes and idols with ships and boats.

[12:45] Vrider Dancer: do they have the right scale? In size? [Relative to human side?]

[12:45] Jachmes Masala: these are a bit larger scale

[12:45] Alexx McLaglen focus onto the pieces

[12:46] Jachmes Masala: but it is wide ranged in general. What are higher seized are the tablets in from tablets with the early writings. they have been found in the Elite tombs in Abdos. [the first hieroglyphs on ivory plates.

[12:47] Alexx McLaglen: the textures are incredible

[12:47] Vrider Dancer: yeep

[12:47] Alexx McLaglen: like real

[12:47] Vrider Dancer: very real

[12:47] Jachmes Masala: the textures are partly drawn and the sculptures in the round

from photographs have been made with their fitting textures scaled on the scupties

[12:48] Alexx McLaglen: impressive

[12:48] Jachmes Masala: of course we have some RL Photographs from some finds and landscaping we show on the panels and screens to illustrate the environment of that period of time.

[12:49] Vrider Dancer: sure

[12:49] Jachmes Masala: this pot without ornament is a stone vessel an example from lower Egypt. A typical shapeץ the tradition of stone vessels is very common in the Ancient Near East. Partly more ancient than ceramics. Some of the objects are scripted with a notecard giver.

[12:50] Vrider Dancer: can we read about the objects/ interact with them in any way?

[12:50] Jachmes Masala: we have begun this work. Some objects you can touch to get more info.

[12:50] Alexx McLaglen: great... that was I was missing

[12:50] Jachmes Masala: but in future we want to have only the special panels with that

[some we have finished.

[12:50] Alexx McLaglen: like a real museum

[12:50] Jachmes Masala: you see them in the writing section.

[12:51] Jachmes Masala: I can not be on and guide any time :)

[12:51] Jachmes Masala: for example you can touch the stone reliefs hereץ they are in German so far

[12:51] Jachmes Masala: I am sorry. I have to translate them of course. [they have the translation of the inscriptions there included. These are first finds of private tomb stelae from the early dynastic period.

[12:52] Alexx McLaglen: German is not into my language repertory

[12:52] Jachmes Masala: I am aware that is not common. It's my tongue of course

[12:52] Jachmes Masala: and the first objects I made for educational purposes in SL

was for an exhibition in a German Evening School in SL. so this is the reason

[12:53] Alexx McLaglen: if you ever need any translation from English to Spanish, call me. I would love to help

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: but some are.

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: oh, Spanish

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: and I did not have the time yet to translate all the cards

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: yes, very welcome

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: we don't have that in our repertory.

[12:53] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: would be great help, yes

[12:53] Jachmes Masala: and I would be very thankful

[12:53] Alexx McLaglen: my pleasure.

[12:54] Jachmes Masala: now we come up to the first Pyramids that have been built

the first one is the so-called steppyramide of Saqqara, built by Djoser around 2800 BC

[12:55] Alexx McLaglen nods

[12:55] Jachmes Masala: there is a labyrinth of Chambers under this pyramid

One of these Chambers we have reconstructed here, unfortunately.

Only very old photographs existing.

[12:56] Jachmes Masala: it is in danger :(

[12:56] Alexx McLaglen: wow

[12:56] Jachmes Masala: and I could not enter that pyramid because it is not allowed

The blue objects are tiles. They have been covering that labyrinth chambers

[12:57] Jachmes Masala: you see the king Djoser there. a scene in a feast

and an easter egg from our Easter egg hunt-lol

[12:57] Alexx McLaglen: they had tiles back then?

[12:58] Jachmes Masala: so we go on in history, in the period of the classical Pyramids

the so-called Old kingdom, the 4.-6. Dynasty.

[12:59] Jachmes Masala: the sculpture has gone forward. also for the non royal elite

[12:59] Alexx McLaglen: mhm

[12:59] Jachmes Masala: and been made for the elite, for high ranked officials

They have been put in the tombs and we call them "Ka-Statue". That their Ka-Soul could rest in that statue

[13:00] Alexx McLaglen nods

[13:00] Jachmes Masala: the belief of the Ancient Egyptians being a Replace of a real body a artificial body.

[13:00] Alexx McLaglen: good point

[13:01] Vrider Dancer: lol

[13:01] Jachmes Masala: that comes to live and being because its we who represents us and we give the Avatar our soul I like to compare the statuary for the soul, by acting and speaking

[13:01] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[13:01] Jachmes Masala: with our Avatar!

[13:01] Vrider Dancer: like in SL !-)

[13:01] Jachmes Masala: one of the first private tomb statues who are in so-called canonical style you see the small one on the left and the bigger sized in front of me.

[13:02] Jachmes Masala: lo

[13:02] Alexx McLaglen: yes

[13:02] Vrider Dancer: yes

[13:02] Jachmes Masala: is an example that is typical for the tomb equipment in Giza around the big Pyramids where the high ranked officials and later the officials from the so-called western cemetery. You can open a web link to the global Egyptian Museum to get more information about the object.

[13:03] Alexx McLaglen: yes, I notice it, very useful

[13:03] Jachmes Masala: until we have our notecards. Who where connected with the funerary cult for the dead Kings in their pyramids connected. If you touch the statue

(some Chat is missing; I try to reconstruct:)

Here we have some furniture, royal Tomb Equipment, from the Mother of Khufu, who build the famous big Pyramid in Giza.

[13:04] Alexx McLaglen: the colors were like those?

[13:04] Jachmes Masala: yes

[13:04] Jachmes Masala: what has been missing is the wood

[13:04] Alexx McLaglen: incredible

[13:04] Jachmes Masala: that decayed. The throne next to me. but because the inlays and the gold sheath were intact, is a reconstructed find the furniture has been reconstruct able from the hidden Tomb of the Mother of Khufu, and they made drawings, and this is the basis for our work.

[13:05] Jachmes Masala: it has not been reconstructed in RL yet. There existing photographs of the excavations

[13:05] Alex McAllen nods

[13:05] Jachems Masada: but the carrying chair behind me has been reconstructed and is nowadays exhibited in Cairo National Museum. It's from the same tomb

[13:06] Alexx McLaglen: nice

[13:06] Vrider Dancer: very nice

[13:07] Jachmes Masala: typical tomb equipment and parts of Tomb architecture from Giza is exhibited here an the panels here are reliefs#

[13:07] Jachmes Masala: ah, don't forget to mention this gold vessel from Khufu's Mother :)

[13:07] Alexx McLaglen: it was for an oil lamp?

[13:07] Jachmes Masala: with inscriptions what the entombed person needed for offerings

[13:07] Jachmes Masala: no. it was a vessel for washing purpose

[13:08] Alexx McLaglen: oh

[13:08] Jachmes Masala: cleaning was a high aim and ideal in the Ancient Egyptian culture, maybe ritual

[13:08] Alexx McLaglen: as in Muslim religion too

[13:08] Jachmes Masala: ah, yes

[13:09] Jachmes Masala: typical finds of mummy jewelry of that period

[13:09] Alexx McLaglen: it's very nice

[13:09] Jachmes Masala: that seemed not that luxury compared to other periods, but if they had that will have been elite tombs, and it is my own opinion that in general it was made only for the burial

[13:09] Alexx McLaglen nods and delights herself over the Jewells

[13:10] Jachems Masada: if you have collars and headdresses like this

[13:10] Jachems Masada: of course, some wear single beads on strings, but that may have been daily life jewelry, not that burial equipment

[13:10] Vrider Dancer: cool Jewells women best friend !-)

[13:10] Jachmes Masala: not only women

[13:10] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[13:11] Jachmes Masala: the jewelry in ancient Egypt seems to be not connected with sex or gender

[13:11] Jachmes Masala: but to prestige or wire around arms

[13:11] Alexx McLaglen nods

[13:11] Jachmes Masala: in the screen you see the original finds sometimes with the excavation photos and then what we made out of it in SL :)

[13:11] Jachmes Masala: some examples here. Carrying chair owned by Jachmes Masala gave you 'uebersetzung der Inschriften' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/GILGO%20BEACH/247/213/849 ).

[13:12] Jachmes Masala: the typical coffin equipment of the Old Kingdom period I have hidden behind the Tomb chapel because it was original been introduced in the rock out of it, to avoid tomb robbery, well far infer the tomb a shaft leading to the tomb could have 10 meters down. To be entombed in a Granit sarcophagus was tied with high prestige like the red Granit example here

[13:13] Jachmes Masala: look inside it

[13:13] Vrider Dancer: well this is interesting

[13:13] Jachmes Masala: I have buried somebody in :)

[13:14] Alexx McLaglen: oh, wow!

[13:14] Alexx McLaglen: incredible!!

[13:14] Jachmes Masala: in Cairo and some other Collections have some, or Turin, Italy

[13:14] Alexx McLaglen: I had never seen red granite...

[13:14] Alexx McLaglen nods and contemplates the mummy

[13:14] Jachmes Masala: and then the mummy wrapped in linen

[13:14] Alexx McLaglen nods

[13:14] Jachmes Masala: e.g. Hildesheim, Germany, but conservation was poor at that period

[13:14] Jachmes Masala: the most are not well preserved

[13:15] Jachmes Masala: I can finish here now

[13:15] Jachmes Masala: in the inner room it was a wooden case

[13:15] Alexx McLaglen: could we take it next time from here?

[13:15] Jachmes Masala: and what belongs to it is the tomb chapel dominating the room here, because the most important examples for the Old Kingdom period I have already shown and explained with the place to offer and pray to the soul of the dead.

[13:16] Alexx McLaglen: I'm so very impressed...

[13:16] Jachmes Masala: thank you both very much for joining, and spread it out to your friends, bring them here. show them

[13:16] Alexx McLaglen: I'll do it!!

[13:16] Vrider Dancer: ty Heike

[13:16] Jachmes Masala: :)

[13:16] Vrider Dancer: amazing work

[13:17] Jachmes Masala: and come back for another tour :)

[13:17] Alexx McLaglen: hope we can do another room next week!!!

[13:17] Jachmes Masala: Thank you very much for your kindly Donation

[13:17] Alexx McLaglen: I've enjoyed it so very much.

[13:17] Jachmes Masala: yes, of course…:)

[13:17] Alexx McLaglen: lol

[13:17] Alexx McLaglen: I even put a picture of Dynasty on my profile!

[13:18] Jachmes Masala: thank you very much

[13:18] Alexx McLaglen claps... without animation

[13:19] Vrider Dancer: pics will be uploaded here http://www.flickr.com/photos/vrider/

[13:20] Object: Thanks for donating Vrider Dancer

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