Avatars facing tomorrow would tag IBM, Nokia and VTT ACME super cool

I think Avatars facing tomorrow at The Israeli Presidential Conference 2009 would tag 
this as super cool!-) 
IBM Research Labs, NOKIA Research Center, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
are bringing avatars and people together for virtual meetings in physical spaces 
using new technology. 
The system, called ACME, which stands for Augmented Collaboration in Mixed Environments,
allows people across the world to interact with each other and objects like they are in the same
It was assembled using an open source viewer from Linden Lab's Second Life virtual world
as well as from open source ARToolkit and OpenCV libraries. 
ACME provides a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to physical meetings.
It is also more interactive than telephone conferences, video conferences 
and even on-screen meetings held exclusively in virtual spaces. 
Prototype demo of ACME is currently shown at the 
International Symposium on Augmented and Mixed Reality (ISMAR) in Orlando, Florida, USA.
Source: IBM 

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