Online Games and Virtual Worlds in Education UnConf 2009

Online Games and Virtual Worlds in Education UnConf 2009
When DiGRA ISRAEL and GameIS meets

Were [Host] : Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering, Auditorium, TLV

When: Tuesday, 29th of December 2009

Cost: Free!

Speakers [tentative]

ICTs Cooperation and Dialogue: Serious Games between Israel and Brazil
keynote: Prof. Gilson Schwartz | Academic Director, City of Knowledge, Institute of Advanced Studies, U. of São Paulo, Brazil

Second Life, Education and the Middle East
Dr. Tal Pavel | Research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, the Netvision Institute for Internet Studies and the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Webkinz Avatar Gerilla and the Educational System
Dr. Hanan Gazit | MetaverSense Ltd CEO, DiGRA ISRAEL Chapter

WOW Guild conflict Management: Lessons for Organizations and Education
Ziv Levee & Dr. Hanan Gazit | DiGRA ISRAEL

Opening for other presenters [10-20min each unconf style] and Panel  
plz contact Or-Tal and Hanan for more info

or RT DM via twitter @lemino and @VRider

E-mail: chapter[at]digraisrael[dot]org

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