Walk Through Gilad Shalit's Journey for Freedom #FreeGilad

Walk Through Gilad Shalit's Journey for Freedom is a 3D virtual experience for real reflection and action #FreeGilad

"When I tried to imagine and explain to my friends abroad and their children what its like for Gilad Shalit to be disconnected from the world for so long, I found it is very hard to grasp and encompass his captivity time.

Hence, I decided to build a dynamic 3D representation of Gilad's Journey for freedom. One can experience and "feel" the time passing, reflect and take action by making a personal virtual avatar walk through Gilad's days in captivity by the hands of the Hamas in Gaza. The time is represented in space by a 3D interactive structure which is been updated on a daily basis by the virtual world participants, teens and adults alike. It contains 10 meter high 3D interactive strands, each represents a single day. The strands are lined up in columns of 30, each represent one month of Gilad's life in captivity.

Two strands which represent the first day and the current day of Gilad's captivity are lighted up and glow in the dark, symbolizing the wishful thoughts to see Gilad free again and as a symbol of all human beings basic rights for freedom and free will.

The strand rotates slowly on its axis while its strand omits to the sky yellow balloons like particles which move east.
The current 3D representation is dynamic and under construction as more engaging user interactive design elements to be developed until Gilad will be set free."


"Gilad is STILL ALIVE" logo used as is with permission of http://www.gilag.org

Concept Design and 3D production:
Dr. Hanan Gazit @MetaverSense CEO

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