Where Google Lively and Facebook meet Metacafe | Dr. Hanan Gazit Lecture @ Entrepreneurs Club, 29 July 2008

"There is life beyond Second Life, Were Google Lively and Facebook meets Metacafe"
Google Lively represent an important landmark in the shift towards the next gen of the internet, the Web3D, where Massively Multiplayer On-line Games (MMOGs), social networks, and three-dimensional virtual worlds, are merging to form the Web3D.

The Association of Virtual Worlds recently published a guide which contains over 250 3D virtual worlds operating or currently under development (AVW, 2008). Forrester Research recent forecast stated that "Web3D will evolve during the next five to seven years from an immature emerging market to a standards-based, interoperable global environment", urging its clients to start experimenting with Web3D despite the infancy of the medium.

My lecture at the Entrepreneurs Club will focus on the Web3D future business potential and its technological challenges. Business models of leading virtual worlds will be presented together with other Web3D and MMOG's platforms and few practical tips for making real money from virtual goods !-)

For more info and registration [in Hebrew] follow the link below:

Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit is the owner of ViMentors professional consulting and production services for investors, companies and organizations interested in using virtual worlds and video games for business, marketing, training & instruction. Professional analyzing interactions services for better decision making and performance.

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