MIND THE GAMES 2009 DiGRA ISRAEL Winter Meet-UP Lectures and Speakers Bio Sketch


Lectures Abstracts and Speakers Bio Sketch

When Web2.0 Meets Web3D

Dr. Hanan "Vrider" Gazit | DiGRA ISRAEL Chapter, MetaverSense CEO

Massively Multiplayer On-line Games (MMOGs), social networked, and three-dimensional virtual worlds (3D), are merging to form the Web3D. My presentation will focus on the future of real – virtual worlds engaging interactions and its possible impact on our every day life: From Brain computer interactions and games to telematic production process in second life which afford personal customization. With over 100 new web3D and Metaverse platforms, there is a need to map the technological challenge and well as assess how real people behave and learn in these new immersive spaces, where they produce their own materials, share experiences and practice skills of the real-world. Funny interactive examples will be presented.

Speaker bio sketch:

Hanan is the Owner and CEO MetaverSense Ltd., an Israeli based company leading the use of virtual worlds, digital Games and social networks for instruction and business. Hanan holds a Ph.D. degree in the Learning Sciences and a Magna Cum Laude M.A. degree in Science Education, both from Tel-Aviv University. A former post doctorate fellow researcher at LIRT Lab, Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, University of Haifa. Hanan is a faculty member of the lnstructional Systems technologies department, at H.I.T were he teach games and virtual worlds. He serves on the Association of Virtual Worlds' Advisory Board, on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations. He founded the Digital Games Research Association [DiGRA] ISRAEL Chapter. SLACTIONS 2009 Chair [Israel].

The Implicit Knowledge Treasure Hunt

Dr. Alon Hasgall | Mavinu Co-Founder


'Capturing knowledge' in databases, manuals, books and reports, and sharing the 'knowledge assets' is most important for the measuring of performance and for establishing tangible criterions for quality. Unfortunately, what is presented, as being Knowledge, is often simply Information Resource Management (IRM) with the new label. Recently there has been recognition that some knowledge cannot be quantified and cannot be captured, codified or stored.

The intangible aspects of knowledge 'Soft Knowledge' - broadly 'what people know but can't measure' – which cannot be articulated, abstracted, codified, captured and stored is recently become to be recognized as the real measurement of the organizational potential to on-going quality. Studies show that while 80% of IT budgets are spent on structured database systems, only 4% of an organization’s data assets are structured and usually called "quality data". 16% are unstructured data in the form of spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. 80% of an organization’s knowledge assets reside only in employees’ minds. In order to manage soft knowledge successfully, the organization must possess abilities to extract knowledge throughout unstructured data. The ability to find meaning, or to understand the relations between issues and people, and automatically tag your content, is important as the solutions you need are usually near to you, but you can't see them with your bare eyes. However, if you will be able to use semantic analysis throughout social networks and open shareable applications, you will be able to personalize the content to one's need at the exact time and place. Moreover, you will be able to find the one expert who knows the simple answers and probably can lead you to your needed solution.

Speaker bio sketch:

Alon is the co-founder of Mavinu.com

Game Design Thinking

Roy Shapira | Deep Games


I will give a general look at the Game Designer way of thought by first giving the basic definition of games, what makes them unique, then giving specific techniques to create games, namely Dialogue creation and Basic Level Design. the lecture will give the audience the general outlook needed to start coming up with a game concept, and will teach the basic techniques for writing natural dialogue – in both film and games, and will give the basic ideas to consider when planning a game level map.

Speaker bio sketch:

Roy Shapira worked in hi-tech for the past ten years, during that time as instructor, QA, integrator, technical writer, marketing and concept designer. Interesting projects where in the Police Intelligence (consultant), and Software Developers, Post production house as video editor, and digital compositor. Roy self educated himself in Game Design, the last 3 years and corresponded with many of the top game designer in the industry including Lee Sheldon (Myst), David Freeman (Enter the Matrix), Clint Hockings (Splinter Cell and Farcry 2), and Bob Bates (Unreal2) and many more. He have created 2 games using the cryENGINE2, won the ICMC competition sponsored by Crytek and Intel – Level Design Competition, for the project Combat Training. Now he working on a Prototype for a real game called Petrograd with a team that he leads, will receive funding in the following months from investors to create a studio and start AAA production. Roy is Leading the Crymod Community for Crytek, and helping several other groups with Game Design and Creative Direction. A member of the IGDA for the past year or so.

Petrograd Nominate for Mod of the Year 2008


Second life a Portal for Creation

Guy David | NightGuy http://www.guydavid.com

Many regard Second Life as a computer game, but it's much more. On top of being a 3D virtual world which incorporates an economic system and social network, Second Life is an innovative platform for creative people. It incorporates real time interactivity, binding together the creator, his creation and his audience in a world that models the real world in 3D and in addition, afford various possibilities that are not available on everyday life. In my presentation entitled "Second life as a Portal for Creation" I will present few of the creative avenues available to artist through Second life, from simple art galleries that visualize on real life galleries, to full blown 3D creations that are impossible to create, outside the virtual world. I will also introduce the topic of machinima, the art of creating movies within virtual worlds and video games.

Speaker bio sketch:

Guy David (aka Blue Smoke) is a musician, podcaster and digital artist.

Closing & SLACTIONS 2009 Israel Announcment

Dr. Hanan "Vrider" Gazit

This is a Free Entrance Event.

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When: Thursday, 29th of January, 2009

Where: Amdocs Auditorium, Amdocs' West Building, 4Pnina St.

Amdocs Israel, Raanana.

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