Virtual Seminar and SLACTIONS 2009 Second Call

The City University London, Oxford University and King’s College in London organized a virtual seminar Learn, Teach and Play in 3D Virtual Worlds, sponsored by JISC EMERGE
The virtual seminar include teachers, students, educational technologists, researchers and anyone interested in 3D virtual worlds and games.
My presentation Start your Engines! Real - Virtual Worlds Engaging Interactions focused on real - virtual worlds engaging learning interactions by using video games. Several Mash-up and video games concepts developed on game engines and social networks at the Instructional System Technologies Department at H.I.T- Holon Institute of Technology were presented.

As the SLACTIONS 2009 Israeli Chair and the Guest Editor of the coming Journal of Virtual Worlds Research [JWVR] and I've announced the call for papers "The Metaverse Assemble" and H.I.T's participation at SLACTIONS 2009.
Best papers submitted for the SLACTIONS 2009
will get invitation to submit expanded version.
5 special editions of journals available!
* Computer & Graphics
(ISSN 0097-8493, SCI) * International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning
(ISSN 1753-5255) * Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research
(ISSN 0718–1876) * VIRTual
(ISSN 0873-1837) and
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Special issue: “The Metaverse Assembled”
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2009
SLACTIONS 2009 Event: September 24-26, 2009
Publication Date: December 2009/January 2010.
Feel free to forward the SLACTIONS 2009 SCFP. Thank you.
Dr. Hanan "Vrider" Gazit
SLACTIONS 2009 [Israeli Chair]

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