3D Virtual Hanukkah Competition: Finalists announced

A 3D Virtual  Hanukkah Competition: Finalists announced!  


My students at Sehnkar College's Virtual Lab participated in a 3D Virtual Hanukkah competition in using their avatar in the 3D Virtual world of Second Life. Their challenge was to design and program a 3D interactive hanukkiah, hence, becoming interactive architects and entrepreneurs 

[watch the short video clip I made above]. 


Adding fun for meaningful and engaging learning is a big challenge that needs to be crafted very carefully. 


Gamify education is not a magic solution that will work every time and in every context. 


Thoughtful learning goals planning, envisioning the player/ learner interactions activities, and designing the appropriate learning outcomes assessment rubrics are needed, to name a few.


Given all of the above, video games and 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life can serve as a robust playing ground for higher education in particular and education in general.

The 3D Hanukka Competition winners will be announced this Wed 8.12.2010. Save the date!


The event was broadcasted live streaming from Second Life and projected on Shenkar's Main Building 

following the Hanukkah [real] candles lighting ceremony !-)

The winner of the competition will gain a special opp from one of

the most interesting biz vendors in Second Life today.


This year our joy is mixed with deep sadness due to the tragic life lose of the braves on Mount Carmel's forest fire. Wishing for better days to come.


Happy Hanukkah! 

"My work is a game, a very serious game (and I LOVE it)." - M. C. Escheris (and me). 

Special thanks to Dr. Lea Goldin, Head Software Engineering Department

at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design for supporting my games based learning projects and ideas.